Presidio Prisoner

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Ships: Skull Island Skiff, The Player's ships

Notable Crew Members: The Player's Parents, The Player, Starter Companion, Bonnie Anne, Ratbeard

Possible Identities: Birgus Latro (Parents eaten by a squid), Dead Mike (Parents killed by mutiny), Gaspard DeVole (Parents killed by the Armada), Lucky Jack Russell (Parents died in a shipwreck), Milo Graytail (Parents died in a storm)

Status: Member of The Player's crew

Affiliations: The Player's Parents, The Player, Skull Island

The Presidio Prisoner is a prisoner of the Monquistans of The Presidio who was rescued by The Player while he/she was stealing spices from The Presidio for The Frogfather. The Presidio Prisoner was once a member of The Player's Parents' crew.

Story Parts

In the Presidio Arc, The Presidio Prisoner is a prisoner. Since then, he becomes a member of The Player's crew.

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