Bonnie Anne

Bonnie anne


Title: Fox Musketeer (debut), Fox Sharpshooter (Promotion 1), Fox Sniper (Promotion 2)

Class: Sharpshooter

Restriction: None (Available to all players)

Ships: The Player's ships

Notable Crew Members: The Player, Starter Companion, Ratbeard

Status: Companion

Affiliations: Calico Jake, Captain Avery, Ol' Fisheye, The Player, Skull Island

Bonnie Anne is the second story companion The Player obtains, after the Starter Companion.

Promotion Chain Edit

Bonnie Anne starts out as a 'Fox Musketeer', but at Level 8 she is able to be promoted to 'Fox Sharpshooter'. At Level 31, she is able to be promoted to 'Fox Sniper'. At around level 54, she can be promoted to a 'Fox Highlander'.

Story Parts Edit

Bonnie Anne joins the crew quite early on in the game, so the only part of the story she isn't in is the Introduction Arc.

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